Designing games and user experiences for 13 years.
I focus my designs on information architecture and interaction.
I pay particular attention to contrast, value and animation.
My curiosity leads me to all kind of projects.
I 'm used to working with front-end dev, producers, designers and creative people. I communicate easily, my multidisciplinary background helps me a lot to find solutions. I managed artists and I'm seasoned in Agile methodology.
My first professional videogame experience was as the leader of the 1st CounterStrike french team Goodgame. From 1999 to 2003, Esport was my life, I was highly invested to have a chance to compete around the world. After that, I dedicated my time to learn digital art crafts and mobile design. Still, the competitive aspect of videogames never left me. Now I enjoy playing with friends, especially StreetFighter with my 10 years old Paris crew the StreetClub.
In 2015, I exhibited my work in a Paris event @LaVillette for 3 weeks.
Most of my pieces were a celebration of the retro pop culture.
In 2017, I created an ongoing GameOfThrones podcast with 4 friends called Whisperos. We started the show as a weekly review of season 7. Then we switched to a monthly format talking about the extended universe and we just finished covering the final season.
In 2018, I was a book reviewer of a streaming show called LaCreme broadcasted by JVTV Webedia. And I also released my first indie game called AmourVortex, a surprise we did for our best's friends wedding.
When I'm not working, I like to play videogames obviously. Mostly games with challenge and crazy art direction like Bloodborne. I also enjoy huge AAA titles like GodOfWar, BreathOfTheWild, Witcher3 or ResidentEvil. My favorite idle game is Hearthstone. I always keep an eye on the mobile market, trying new apps and testing original and successful approaches. I frequently come back to retro games like ChronoTrigger, TacticsOgre or RadiantSilverGun. I own a very cool collection of Sega Saturn & GBA games.
When I drop the stick, I take a book. I love fantasy, history and sci-fi.
And to really evade myself, I travel. I always plan at least 2 destinations each year. Sometimes revisiting places like Japan.
If you are still here and want to say hi.